Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A True Follower

Tonight after dinner, our youngest daughter, Abigail came to me and said quietly that she "needed to tell me something".

The last time she said those words was when she had to confess that she and her friend had taken one of her classmates shoes at school and he had become so upset that he pinched her.  Hard.

She had been at the dance studio all day for the Dance Intensive, so I wasn't certain what she possibly had to confess.

A few minutes later I was sitting in my bedroom, watching the expression of pure joy light up her face, as she proclaimed, "Today, I became a true follower of Christ!"

Now, several years ago Abigial told us that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart.  She has been reading her bible and praying every night.  But, tonight it was "true".  Today, she truly got it.

She told me that during the morning worship session as she was watching a precious friend of ours worship that something in her heart "snapped" and that she just started "dancing and dancing to worship Jesus".

At the end of their worship time the teacher told them to go to a quiet place and spend time with Jesus.

Abigial said that as she was sitting quietly "thinking about Jesus" she had a vision.  She said, "There were two paths in front of me and as I stepped onto the right path a piece of paper was laid in front of me with all the bad stuff that I have ever done on it".  She said, "Then a man came and took the paper from me and wadded it up and threw it away".  "He gave me a new piece of paper that was bright and clean and glorious"!

She was so excited!  And so full of joy!

She continued, "Then I saw a huge pond. I was on one side and Jesus was on the other side.  He was very far away."  She said, "I knew that I had been trying my whole life to get to His side, but I couldn't do it by myself." "But today, Jesus made a bridge across it and told me to come and follow Him. So, I took a step.  And today I became a true follower of Christ!" She exclaimed, "It was glorious!"

Then she showed me her journal where she had written down what she had experienced.

She wrote, "Today, the Lord has changed my heart.  Something snapped. I have been changed...  I have become a follower of Jesus."

Oh. My. Goodness.

Today, my baby girl made the decision to become a true follower of Christ!!! 

There is no greater joy than to know that my children are walking with Jesus!!!

Hallelujah!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!


Shauna said...

Praise GOd!! That is awesome!

Mandi said...

Cheryl this is a beautiful post. My oldest asked Jesus into his heart a year ago. He's reading his Bible more & more...your daughter's testimony encourages me regarding how certain and true their whole-hearted surrender to Christ can be. So thankful to be your blogger friend.:)

Annette said...

Precious child of the King! Loved hearing her story and love seeing her heart captured for Christ!!!

LordLuvU said...

To God be the glory!