Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today I received an e-mail from our attorney regarding our adoption.

I was excited for a milli-second.

Our "application" has gone to the judge that "would not give a guardianship order with the wording that is acceptable to the US Embassy".  This is the judge we were praying would not get our case. The correct wording is needed in order to get visas for the children to come to the US.

This battle has been going on for quite a while.

Our attorney didn't give any indication that he had a grandios plan of making sure we get these children home.

It sounded pretty bleak.  Almost hopeless.

But... my hope comes from the Lord.  And He is good.

I know God is in control.  I know that He can work in and around this judge.  I know that He has a good and perfect plan.  I know that there is a greater purpose in all of this.

But right now... I'm having a hard time breathing.

And tears fall easily.

We covet your prayers.


Melissa said...

Oh sweet sweet soul.....I am so very sorry. I know you have been waiting and aching for so very long.

Jesus, would you please intervene on behalf of this family and their children. Grant them favor Lord. Remove the road blocks that would keep them separated. Bind the enemy, Father let him have no way in the hearts and minds of anyone involved in this case. Father above all, would you keep the one who would steal and kill and destroy from blinding the eyes of those in government offices. Lord would you purify their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, that they might love to see the lonely placed in families as you do. Give them a fire and a passion and a joy in seeing these children in loving homes. Father, make them willing to fight for them, to do what is right and just. Father guard this sweet mama's heart. Speak your truth and love over her. May she keep her mind stayed upon you, may she trust in your goodness and unfailing love. Lord Jesus, please be ever near to her children protecting them and calming their souls.

Jenn said...

I have been "lurking" on your blog for a while now, but don't think I have ever commented. But I wanted to say that I am sorry. I have you and your children in my prayers!!

Sasa said...

Don't lose heart, Cheryl. Our God is a BIG God and loves to do big things. We are praying for you and your sweet little ones who are waiting.

Melissa & Dorie

Cheryl said...

Thank you sweet friends for your encouraging words and prayers...

I am blessed by you.

jade said...

Which judge do you have! message me! praying! love you! :)