Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cooking with "The Pioneer Woman"

My girl has shown an interest in cooking lately. She has been helpful measuring ingredients and chopping veggies for awhile.

Last night she declared that she really wanted to cook.

chicken fried steak planned for dinner...

So... instead of starting with something simple...
she made chicken fried steak!

My little chef took her job very seriously.

She did a fabulous job!
(We put the burnt ones on the bottom... that was my fault.)

Daddy's "umm umm, this is good!" comment
made this little chefs day!

(on the other side of the table her brother was scraping off the burnt parts!  oh well!)

If you have not explored "The Pioneer Woman" website... you are missing out... BIG time!

Head on over there and stay a while!
Tell her I sent ya!

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