Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dance for Jesus

When my girls were little and about to perform in a dance recital, I would always tell them to "dance for Jesus".  I wanted them to remember the most important audience was an audience of One.

Our precious girl, Katherine, has grown up to be a beautiful dancer and God has blessed her with the opportunity to "dance for Jesus" with an amazing group called Arrows International.

Arrows uses dance, in every form, to take the Gospel message to the nations.  They train dancers to be "arrows" prepared to hit the target for Christ.  Super awesome!

We were blessed with a special performance by this amazing group of dancers before they departed to minister in Costa Rica.  It was powerful.  It was worshipful.

But most importantly... every dance... every story depicted by these dancers... was created to share the message of witness to the lost, to bless the believer, to encourage the lonely, to bring hope to the weary... to honor and glorify the Lord.

Please pray for this team to be effective for the kingdom of God.  Pray for the people of Costa Rica to have hearts prepared to receive the truth of Jesus Christ!

To God be the Glory!

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