Friday, June 26, 2009

9 more days...

and I will be returning to the country that stole my heart this past Dec/Jan... yay!

I am excited to return to Uganda and see my children.... although I will not be able to bring them home with me this time... I am thrilled to be able to spend time lovin' on them!

While I am there I will have the opportunity to help re-locate a group of women and children that have been living in a rock quarry (the one my children lived in) for many years. Most of these women escaped from the war in the north years ago. They have become a community... sharing each others burdens as they struggle to survive. They spend their days breaking rocks for very little money. There are many children also working at the quarry trying to earn enough for a meal. The quarry has been sold recently and the women and children that work and live there are being told they must leave by the end of this month. They literally have no place to go.

The plan... is to rent some land (which has been done) and move the women and children onto it. They will also be provided with building materials to build shelters. There will be fund raising (via donations/sponsors) to provide each woman with the funds to purchase fruits and vegetables that will allow them to start their own businesses. The prayer is that the move goes smoothly and that their businesses will flourish and provide enough income for food. More details to come...

I will also get to visit the children we sponsor through CLM. I am excited to get to see them again! Although... they may be disappointed Gary and the girls aren't going to be with me!

I am so blessed that my sweet husband has encouraged me to go... even though he will be left with a busy schedule with our precious children!

Please pray... that I will be able to accomplish much in the short time I'm there... that there will be unity among those helping with the project... pray for the women and children (pray that they will experience the amazing love our Father has for them and they will be filled with hope for their future)... pray that my beautiful children will love me as momma... pray for all the orphans... and pray for my husband and children too!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pretty in Pink

This picture makes me smile...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Going... Going...

back to Uganda...
(I won't be bringing my children home...yet)

I am beyond excited!!

I leave in less than 3 weeks!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Arrows Update

Training went extremely well for the "Arrows" team this past week. Prayers were answered... for team unity and friendship, for strength and endurance... Our Father is faithful!

We drove to Oklahoma on Friday to watch the team perform the dances they will use to witness to the people in Guatemala. We were so blessed! Every dance is beautiful and will definitely minister to the people in a powerful way!!

Our hearts were so blessed to be able to see Kat... she is doing amazing! The Lord is obviously working in her... she positively glowed! It was wonderful to meet the team... they are a pretty special group of people... each one is filled with the joy of the Lord!

Pray that our Father's name is glorified through each one of them. Pray that the hearts of the people in Guatemala will be prepared to receive the truth of Jesus Christ and that the harvest for His Son will be great!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

True Story

Some time ago... we put our Excursion up for sale.

One evening two men came to look at it.

While my deal-making husband was talking to them they begin asking about our family. How many children we had... etc. They were quite impressed with the numbers.

At some point our youngest son, Nathaniel, joined them in the driveway. One of the men struck up a conversation with him.

After a few minutes, the man asked Nathaniel, "so... are you one of their children?"
Nathaniel looks the man straight in the eye and without hestitating says... "That's what they tell me."

Monday, June 1, 2009

Feed The Forgotten

Friends... PLEASE click on "Feed the Forgotten" and find out how you can help feed the starving children of Uganda.

We MUST take a minute from our "to-do lists" and DO something that will help SAVE lives. We must CONTRIBUTE in making a difference in the world that exists outside the safety of our homes. We must GIVE of ourselves and SERVE others! That is what we are CALLED to do.

THINK about this... $20.00 FEEDS a FAMILY for 20 DAYS!! That means... our SPARE change CAN make a difference!

Please... HELP spread the word!