Monday, June 8, 2009

Arrows Update

Training went extremely well for the "Arrows" team this past week. Prayers were answered... for team unity and friendship, for strength and endurance... Our Father is faithful!

We drove to Oklahoma on Friday to watch the team perform the dances they will use to witness to the people in Guatemala. We were so blessed! Every dance is beautiful and will definitely minister to the people in a powerful way!!

Our hearts were so blessed to be able to see Kat... she is doing amazing! The Lord is obviously working in her... she positively glowed! It was wonderful to meet the team... they are a pretty special group of people... each one is filled with the joy of the Lord!

Pray that our Father's name is glorified through each one of them. Pray that the hearts of the people in Guatemala will be prepared to receive the truth of Jesus Christ and that the harvest for His Son will be great!

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