Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Perfect Life

"You have such a perfect life."  Those are the words slung at me recently.  Words that bruised my Soul.  Not a compliment, but more like a punch-in-the-gut.

The words haunt me.  The thought that my life is perceived as perfect doesn't bother as much as the idea that -- if that perception doesn't point people to Jesus -- then I've failed.

I believe the "perfect life" comment came from the perception of things posted online and small conversations had in various social settings --- because when you look at what's posted on FB and Instagram or what is written on a blog --- my life may seem perfect.

-- Truth is --
the picture we show the whole world is never the whole picture.

But the comment stirs up the question >>>
Is my Life pointing people to Jesus?

If someone looks at my life and deems it "Perfect", but doesn't see that all that I have and all that I am comes from my heavenly Father -- if His goodness, faithfulness and love aren't made known to others by what I say and do --
if my Life doesn't point people to Jesus
then no matter how Perfect it appears
it's all  m e a n i n g l e s s.

My life is not perfect in the way the comment was meant -- 
that kind of perfection is an illusion

I fail at a thousand things in a day. Even though I don't glorify the ugly parts through pictures, posts and casual conversations, that doesn't mean all is Perfect. What is posted online or said in conversation at a party is not the sum total of what's going on in my Life --- but those are the things that display the goodness of the Lord in my Life.  

All that I am, I owe to Jesus.  All that I have is His.

The thing is ---

if we aren't pointing people to Jesus 
with how we live our lives 
with how we use the gifts He's given us  
then it's all for  N o t h i n g 


the purpose of Life is to point people to Him

--- to G l o r i f y His name ---

The Truth is ... we have been given much and we are thankful for every Gift our Father has bestowed on us.  But because we have been given much, we are also held accountable for  M U C H.

It's not an easy Road, although many think it must be.
It's not a perfect Life, but a blessed one.
The struggle is real --- even for me.

My life is not Perfect as some would suppose --- 
but I will strive
// to point people to Jesus //
// to SHOW the world the goodness of my Savior // 
// to be thankful for His provision and His blessings //
// to work to accomplish His purpose in my Life //
// to bring Him glory in all I do // 

and if that happens to look like a  P E R F E C T  life --- 
then maybe I'm doing alright after-all.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BUT God...

This "ministry road" is not an easy one.  Not that I expected it to be.  I didn't even 'expect' to be IN ministry.  BUT God had a different plan for my life. And I'm thankful.

Some days are really great and exciting, but most days are full of mundane tasks, learning things I never imagined I would be learning, and dealing with issues I never thought I'd be dealing with.  Some days are hard, frustrating, disappointing and even heart breaking.  BUT God didn't call me to a comfortable existence, HE called me to "change lives" for Him.  He called me to bring hope to impoverished and needy people and "most" days I can deal with all that comes with the 'job'.

Today, the road has been particularly hard for multiple reasons.  It's been a"'punch in the gut" kind of day.  BUT God is faithful and He showed up when I called out to Him. Even though my prayer was a mess.

Right at the end of this difficult 'work day', God sent a gift through a precious Friend and reminded me that He IS in this.  It's as if He wrapped His arms around me and said, "I'm here. You are not alone. I've got this."  It was a reminder that even though I don't SEE what He's doing or FEEL like this whole thing is making any difference... HE is working and moving and changing lives through me.

Once again, I'm reminded that whatever HE calls us too, He IS faithful to see us through it.  We just have to look to Him and TRUST that He is going to work out all the details... EVERY single one.  We falter and fall, we struggle to be faithful, BUT God is always faithful. ALWAYS.

What do you need to call out to Him and trust Him for?  Remember... you are NOT alone.  That's HIS promise.