Friday, April 29, 2011

Pray for Peace

We shouldn't take peace for granted.  But... we do.

Because I live in a country where peace is the "normal"... the reality... it's difficult for me to grasp being in a place where peace is not an absolute.  Every day is another day for peace to be disrupted. 

Riots have been breaking out all over K@mpala for the past several weeks.  The reason for the protests, which have become riots, are being blamed on the risnig cost of fuel and food.  Now... I am not opposed to people "demonstrating" or "protesting" something that they disagree with, but the violence is the issue here.

The problem is that the man responsible for the protests has publicly admitted he will not accept the president's new term.  He has started a campaign to protest rising fuel and food costs, but some believe his real "protest" is against the president.

These protests have turned violent.  The protestors are blocking roads, starting fires, throwing rocks at people that are not joining their efforts, and needlessly causing chaos in the city.  Yet, they blame the police for the violence.  The police have become involved... to keep the peace.

It seems that the man opposing the president's new term is determined to continue with his protests, even if the people he claims to care about are being hurt... and even killed. 

I don't pretend to know all the ends and outs of this situation.  But what I do know is that peace is fragile here... and innocent people are dying.

Please pray for this situation.  Pray for this city.  Pray for this country.  Pray for this continent.

And honestly, what truly breaks my heart is... how much would I care if I were not here in the midst of it?  Would I think about the individuals being hurt, or the children being killed here, if I weren't witnessing it first hand?  How easily do I dismiss events around the world because I am not personally effected?

My plans were disrupted today and for a little while the consistent sounds of gunfire was unsettling.  But, I don't live the reality of what is happening to the people here.  I will go home eventually and leave this behind. 

The challenge is... keeping our hearts engaged when the chaos and pain are far away from us.  Because when our hearts are engaged... and something truly matters to us... we pray.   And prayer... changes things.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

His Will

As I sat in the judge's chambers today... the peace of God that surpasses all understanding covered me.

It was beautiful... amazing, really.

I sat there totally surrendered to God's will... just trusting Him.

Isn't surrendered... completely... the place where we are supposed to live our lives... always?

As I sat there listening to the judge talk to my lawyers, my thought was... 'God, I want whatever You want... because YOU know best'.

Of course! I want Sharon to come home with me.

But, I realized at that moment that I finally wanted what He wants... more.

He loves my girl infinitely more than I do.

He knows her future...

and He has plans to prosper her... to give her hope and a future.

What does one minute of worry... or anxiety bring?  Nothing.

He alone brings perfect peace.

Beautiful peace.

The judge will give us his ruling on Monday.

Until then, I hope you will continue praying...

for His perfect will to be done... ALL for His glory!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Day

Sharon and I watched a movie recently that had a simple, yet profound, statement in it...  "Today,  is a new day".

Every day she repeats it.

I realized today that she understands the truth in the statement... the weight of it. 

When she says it, she drags "new" out... for effect.

Well... tomorrow is another new day.

It's a new court day for us.

God alone can bring our girl home...

I am trusting Him.

We covet your prayers...

"I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it.  God does it so that men will revere Him." Eccl 3:14

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011


When I stop and marvel at the love of my Savior...

that He would suffer... such an excruciating ordeal...

being seperated from the Father...

to die a horrific death... on a cross...

for me...

I have no words...

only my life...

given back to Him...

in humble adoration...

with a glorious shout of thanksgiving...

for He is risen...

He is alive...

and because He lives...

so do I....


Hallelujah!  What a glorious day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Sunday IS Coming!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Answer to Prayers!

 We are rejoicing today!  Praising His name!

He has heard our cry and answered our prayers!!!

We have a court date for next Wednesday!

and just so you know...
there was no indication that this would happen ANYtime soon...
this news came just hours before I was to leave for home!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sharing My Heart

Since my first visit to Ug@nda several years ago, I have wanted to bring my sister-in-law, my friend, Annette here.  I have longed to share this country and all that I have experienced here with her.  I have wanted to watch her experience all the sights and sounds and smells... I have dreamed of her coming to meet the people here that mean so much to me.

A couple of weeks ago it finally happened!  She got on a plane and traveled with me to this country that has captured my heart.  Oh! what happiness I felt to finally be able to share my heart for this place with her!

It was pure joy to watch her experience everything that I have tried to put into words, but failed to do accurately.  I love that now that she has been here... she gets it.

I could not wait to take her out to SUUBI and show her all that the Lord has done!  To share this piece of my heart with her, that has transformed from a dream into reality, was an amazing moment!

Although I have tried many times... how can you truly explain how being in a place changes your heart? I have wanted her to understand the way I feel about this place... but I have yet to find words that accurately describes all that it is to me.  "There are no words" is an overused expression... ONLY if you have never experienced what makes the expression true!  "There are no words" is exactly why I have longed to bring her here!  I wanted her to feel this place... to experience it.

What a blessing!  to introduce her to the people here that have become family to me... to take her to the places that have changed the way I view life... to listen to her share her heart about what she experienced here and know that the Lord is working out something new... something beautiful! 

The Lord knew I needed her to make this trip with me.  And He knew she needed to experience this place.  It was so wonderful to have my friend... my sister (we dropped the in-law part this trip:) come and fall in love with this place that has captured my heart!  JOY!

What a blessing to be able to share my heart and words and concerns and struggles and dreams with this precious friend! 

I am filled with joy... and so very thankful to have had these few weeks to share my heart for this place with my Nette.  God is indeed good... ALL the time.  In the big things and in the little things... He is worthy of praise!


Dear Annette... I hope you realize how truly blessed I am that you made this trip with me.  I am filled with joy that you have visited this country that has captured my heart and changed my life.  I am over-the-top thrilled that you have been to SUUBI, and I appreciate your support for what we are doing here more than words can express!  I am forever thankul that although we started off as just sisters-in-law... a friendship grew... and out of it all... we ended up sisters.  It is such a gift that I will now be able to share my heart with you about all that is going on here... and you will really "get me".  May God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and may He increase your days and fulfill His beautiful purpose in your life.  You are a blessing to me... and I love you... ...more than my luggage.  Hugs...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Still Here

I am still here in Ug@nda... waiting for a miracle.

My sister-in-law made the trip with me this time.  It was a last minute MIRACLE that she was able to join me... and oh! what a blessing!  We dropped the in-law part while she was here. I like having a sister.

She left last night to go back home and I am left hanging onto the blessing it was to have her here.

Today has been more emotional... for many reasons.

It's my first day to spend without my sister and there has not been enough to do! I enjoyed these "slow days" while Nette was here... but today, not so much.

I also talked to my children at home which added to the emotion of the day.  They were on their way to school so I took the opportunity to chat with each one. Oh! how I miss them!  I love hearing about the details of what's going on in their lives... but it makes my heart ache that I am not there to share in it.

I AM trusting the Lord with this whole situation... but I will admit the thought of leaving my girl one more time overwhelms me.  Yesterday she asked me about going to the airport and I assumed she was talking about taking Annette there.  I was mistaken.  She immediately starting crying and I was confused for a minute... she thought I was leaving too.  Thankfully I realized our miscommunication quickly and was able to comfort her... my poor girl.

Praying for miracle... and that it happens before next Friday...

until then... I'm still here.