Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sharing My Heart

Since my first visit to Ug@nda several years ago, I have wanted to bring my sister-in-law, my friend, Annette here.  I have longed to share this country and all that I have experienced here with her.  I have wanted to watch her experience all the sights and sounds and smells... I have dreamed of her coming to meet the people here that mean so much to me.

A couple of weeks ago it finally happened!  She got on a plane and traveled with me to this country that has captured my heart.  Oh! what happiness I felt to finally be able to share my heart for this place with her!

It was pure joy to watch her experience everything that I have tried to put into words, but failed to do accurately.  I love that now that she has been here... she gets it.

I could not wait to take her out to SUUBI and show her all that the Lord has done!  To share this piece of my heart with her, that has transformed from a dream into reality, was an amazing moment!

Although I have tried many times... how can you truly explain how being in a place changes your heart? I have wanted her to understand the way I feel about this place... but I have yet to find words that accurately describes all that it is to me.  "There are no words" is an overused expression... ONLY if you have never experienced what makes the expression true!  "There are no words" is exactly why I have longed to bring her here!  I wanted her to feel this place... to experience it.

What a blessing!  to introduce her to the people here that have become family to me... to take her to the places that have changed the way I view life... to listen to her share her heart about what she experienced here and know that the Lord is working out something new... something beautiful! 

The Lord knew I needed her to make this trip with me.  And He knew she needed to experience this place.  It was so wonderful to have my friend... my sister (we dropped the in-law part this trip:) come and fall in love with this place that has captured my heart!  JOY!

What a blessing to be able to share my heart and words and concerns and struggles and dreams with this precious friend! 

I am filled with joy... and so very thankful to have had these few weeks to share my heart for this place with my Nette.  God is indeed good... ALL the time.  In the big things and in the little things... He is worthy of praise!


Dear Annette... I hope you realize how truly blessed I am that you made this trip with me.  I am filled with joy that you have visited this country that has captured my heart and changed my life.  I am over-the-top thrilled that you have been to SUUBI, and I appreciate your support for what we are doing here more than words can express!  I am forever thankul that although we started off as just sisters-in-law... a friendship grew... and out of it all... we ended up sisters.  It is such a gift that I will now be able to share my heart with you about all that is going on here... and you will really "get me".  May God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and may He increase your days and fulfill His beautiful purpose in your life.  You are a blessing to me... and I love you... ...more than my luggage.  Hugs...


Annette said...

No words...I love you my precious sister.

emily said...

This was my prayer for you two. Just know how badly you desire those you love the most, to get it on every level. I'm dying to talk to Annette to hear how her heart was changed. :)