Wednesday, April 27, 2011

His Will

As I sat in the judge's chambers today... the peace of God that surpasses all understanding covered me.

It was beautiful... amazing, really.

I sat there totally surrendered to God's will... just trusting Him.

Isn't surrendered... completely... the place where we are supposed to live our lives... always?

As I sat there listening to the judge talk to my lawyers, my thought was... 'God, I want whatever You want... because YOU know best'.

Of course! I want Sharon to come home with me.

But, I realized at that moment that I finally wanted what He wants... more.

He loves my girl infinitely more than I do.

He knows her future...

and He has plans to prosper her... to give her hope and a future.

What does one minute of worry... or anxiety bring?  Nothing.

He alone brings perfect peace.

Beautiful peace.

The judge will give us his ruling on Monday.

Until then, I hope you will continue praying...

for His perfect will to be done... ALL for His glory!

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Ellen said...

God is so good! Praise him for peace!