Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Little Word

We received an e-mail stating we have a court date! 

My heart nearly lept out of my chest when I opened that e-mail... until I continued to read and noticed... but

I don't like that little word.

But... trampled all over my excitement.

We got another e-mail telling us that an application has been filed to have our case  re-allocated to another judge.  There were multiple reasons for this decision.

Oh... the highs and lows...

and oh... the difference one little word can make... but.

I like the word pray.

One little word that makes a huge impact.  A powerful word.

It's an action word too... which means means it kicks but right out the door.


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Lindy said...

sent a FB message.....curious about your life and the ministries your blog mentions. I may have sent a FB friend request... ??