Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's Cookin'?

This summer I decided my girls needed to get busy cookin'.  After all, they need to be prepared to feed their adoring husbands and many children!

They have always been helpful in the kitchen and they do know how to put a whole meal together, but I am usually in the kitchen working right along beside them.

For the past couple of weeks, they have done it ALL.  Even the grocery shopping!

They are planning our meals...

and cooking.

Kat likes to follow directions...

while Lizard likes to get creative.

Lizard is our serious girl...
Kat is... not as serious.

Elizabeth, our creative and serious cook,
created this YUMMY potato dish.
She worried when Daddy "helped" melt the cheese!

They have BOTH done an excellent job!

My girls bless me tremendously! 

I'm a proud Mama.

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