Tuesday, October 13, 2009

His Answer

All across the world people are crying out in desperation to God.  The widow, the orphan, the sick, the hungry and hopeless are crying out for help.  Millions of prayers lifted up to God pleading for help.

As believers in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, we are His answer.  We must listen to His voice and be faithful to answering His call.

We are His answer.  We are the hands and feet of Jesus.

If we, as His followers, do not answer when He calls us to care for the least of these... who will?

Katie is the answer to the crys of hundreds of starving children in Uganda.

My friend, Mindy, is the answer to a little girls prayer for "a family".

Jen and Amanda are the answer to the rock quarry women's crys for "God to rescue them".

Many of my church body have answered the call to save a childs life by sponsorship through CLM.

Our family is the answer to Aunt Eveline's prayers, "God, please send help".

We are His answer.

The cry of our hearts must be "Lord, here I am. Send me!"

We must be willing for God to use us to be His answer.  We are His body.

I whole heartedly agree with Richard Stearns when he says, "I believe that we really can alter the world, but we can only do it one person at a time.  And when enough people choose to do this, even a crisis on a global scale can change."

We are His answer.

At this very moment someone is praying, pleading with God to send help, to rescue them from their distress.  Right now, He is calling His followers to act on His behalf.

Will you be His answer?

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