Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

It's always fun to see the creativity come out in our group as they dress up for the candy collecting, sugar fest, referred to as Halloween.

Katherine and Jeremy... best buds. The fact that they are cousins makes him the perfect escort!

Elizabeth and her friend, Patience, were having a good time.

Nathaniel was the BEST old man.  He stayed in character all night.  One of our friends asked him, "Have you seen Beth?" and without hesitating he responded, "Yes, I have had a bath!"

Abigail was a "nerdy schoolgirl".  I think the skirt hiked up above her waist was about the only "nerdy" part.  She's just too cute.

Ava was Cinderella. And precious.

Annette and I... stylin' Mamas.  That's right.

Dressing up + friends and family + massive amounts of candy = FUN!

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