Saturday, July 18, 2009

God IS Faithful

I want to share this story of God's faithfulness with you... to Him alone be the glory.

This story is the story of millions of orphans...

About 6 years ago in a small village, in Uganda, a husband and father died. His wife and their four children were left to survive on their own. A year or so later, she died. Their four children became orphans.

The man's brother took the children in to live with his wife and their own four children. Eight children all together. He worked hard to provide food, shelter and schooling for all of them. He taught them to love the Lord and to trust in Him always.

This past December, this husband, father and uncle died, leaving his wife with eight children to provide for. She worked very hard to meet their needs. Ultimately, the needs for eight children out-weighed what she could provide and the children had to leave school. She and the children then began working in the rock quarry to put food on the table. Several of the children began living in the quarry, sleeping on the ground.

Working in the quarry is very dangerous. Many are injured and even killed while working in the tunnels to bring up large rocks. Once the rocks are hauled out of the quarry, the women and children spend their days hammering them into smaller rocks. It is a very difficult job and pays very little.
They work all day... morning to evening... for one meal. One.

I had heard of the people living in this quarry sometime last fall and it was continually on my heart. I began praying and seeking God's direction on how to help these people. (I will leave that amazing story and the women behind it for another post!)

When Gary and I visited Uganda in January, we met many children living and working in the quarry. The Lord spoke very clearly to our hearts about one boy and one girl that were from the quarry, Kenneth and Sharon. When we returned home we began the process to adopt them.

While I was in Uganda this past week, I met this precious women...

she is Kenneth's Auntie... this story is hers.

While she was telling me her story my heart was filled with awe at God's faithfulness. She told me... "I have been praying that God would send help"... HE IS FAITHFUL!

It's not about me... it's about Him. He spoke to my heart. He showed me the way. He answered her prayers! HE IS FAITHFUL!

She is our family now. She will be able to start a business that will enable her to provide for herself and the children. Kenneth's older and younger brothers will stay with her and her children. They will all go to school. God has a plan for Kenneth's sister... for now, she will be in boarding school.

Auntie is filled with HOPE for her future and the future of her children... because He sent us... He provided help. HE IS FAITHFUL! Praise HIS name!!

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emily said...

Beautiful picture of our loving Father whose heart is for the fatherless.