Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Ava loves feeding the ducks on our pond with Sarge...

and with her Aunt Lizard too.

My love, Nathaniel is always UP to something...

see what I mean?!

Abigail was happy to hang out on shore with me...

while Ava took her first canoe ride... and loved it!

Yes, she is THIS adorable!

Kat loves this photo... because it's 'artistic'.

She loves her sister too!

I love moments like these...
when we just enjoy being together.

I hope your summer is filled with some LOVIN'!

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Rachel Nakor(u) said...

Hi! I found your blog purely by accident - or God's providence - and was so encouraged to read your stories. I live in Uganda, and I know of Amazima ministries - I know the people that run it third-hand. May God bless you as you use what He has given you to bless others!

Feel free to read my blog - All of your prayers are appreciated!