Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrating Life

The Magic Time Machine is a treat for our family.
We only go on special occasions.

The hostess asked us what "occasion" we were celebrating.
We told her... LIFE!

Isn't life worth celebrating?!

Brandon and his girlfriend, Lauren, came for a visit...
and THAT is definitely worth celebrating!

We laughed...

and acted all goofy!

We drank weird drinks...

and had a balloon monkey 
made right at our table. So cute!

The Magician was a big hit!

Pick a card... Any card...

Kat was pleased with her choice. 
He had her write her name on it.

After he asked her to put it back in the stack,
he did some cool tricks with it, including catching it on fire!

Then... he pulled out her card!  FUN!

The most amazing act was the disappearing act!
I sat and watched as this...
disappeared in one minute 20 seconds. Gary timed it.

It was pretty amazing! 
As you can tell by the look on Kat's face!


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