Saturday, January 10, 2009


Before we left for Uganda, through a series of God ordained events, we learned about children who are living in a rock quarry in Kampala. Their stories are heartbreaking. God spoke to my heart about these children. I began asking Him to reveal our children to us while we were there. We still felt certain we would adopt a boy and a girl.

As we visited an orphan home we were blessed as the children greeted us with song and dance... it was absolutely beautiful! We were able to take pictures and spend time with some very special children. Among these children were a group of "rock quarry" children.

During our time at this home, as the children were singing songs, the Lord spoke to each of our hearts (all 4 of us!) about a particular boy. As I watched him sing and later interact with the others, I had an overwhelming sense... he is my son.

We were each drawn to different girls while we there. But we felt certain our daughter was among them. After we left we could not stop talking about the children! We were debating the reasons "our girl" was the right one. The absolute unity and peace we felt for the boy... was not present for the girl.

The following day Gary, Andy, and the girls decided to take a trip to the mall. For whatever reason... I chose to stay at the hotel. While it was quiet I spent some time praying. That was when the Lord spoke to my heart about a little girl that was among the rock quarry children. A little girl none of us had talked about or noticed particularly while we were visiting the home. I got out my camara and started looking through pictures. My heart just melted... and tears slowly slid down my cheeks. There she was... my little girl.

I was so upset with myself for not taking more pictures of her, for not noticing her while we were there. She had actually come up to me and held my hand! I had so many pictures of her... in the background. She was a friend of the "beautiful girls" and she hung around "our boy" quite a bit too. It FINALLY hit me... of course!... "rock quarry" children!

When my family returned, I shared my heart with them and asked them to pray about her. And then... there was unity and peace in our hearts. We knew. God had shown us our children. He is SO good!

Please pray for us... that we will be faithful, that we will not falter, that we WILL accomplish our Father's will.


thislifeunfolded said...

AHHH!!! :)

how exciting.

thank you, Jesus!

thislifeunfolded said...

thank you so much for your prayers. they are so so appreciated.

YES. Uganda. :D So funny how things work out in God's perfect timing. I had heard about this trip shortly before I found out I couldn't go with you guys...And it has worked out so beautifully. I will be in Northern Uganda (kinda near Gulu, I do believe) for 6 weeks (YAY!!!!) and ah. yes.

I'll send you some more info on it.:)