Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Making a Home... Becoming Family... and A Birthday

God has blessed us abundantly!! This week has changed our lives.

I thank God for using our family to touch these beautiful children's lives. They have touched our hearts and blessed us beyond measure. We will never be the same... I thank God for that to.

We were blessed today to help make the house our children live in a "home". We purchased a table and chairs, a couch and chairs, shelves for the children's rooms, drawers for the Mama, and a cupboard to store their few dishes. They were SO excited!!

They will not have to eat or do their homework on the floor any longer. Praise God!

We were able to spend a large part of the day at the village. We were able to see their furniture arrive and help hang their curtains. Our girls and Mama appreciated this SO much!

They call each other "sister" now. True bonding happened between these girls and Katherine.

"Sisters" in their hearts. Elizabeth enjoyed spending time with her sisters, she did NOT want to leave them.

My little one wanted me, "Mama Cheryl", to hold her... I was happy to!

Our boys were excited about their furniture... but enjoyed making faces at the camara a little more! :)

Andy had a pretty good time too! He was surrounded by boys most ALL day!

Today is also my darling husband's birthday. What a way to celebrate your birthday!
"Daddy Gary" was in heaven!

I think it's only fair that since he got to celebrate his birthday in Uganda... I should be able to celebrate MY birthday in Uganda. Right?? Fair is fair after all!

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Annette said...

Welcome home!!! Love the pictures of your boys and girls.