Friday, October 1, 2010

In Need of a Miracle

Guardianship has been granted for all three children... BUT.

The judge granted us guardianship of our youngest girl, but wrote that he will not allow her to "immigrate" to the US, along with her brother and sister, because she is "too young to be seperated from her mother".

The whole thing is ridiculous.  She has been "seperated from her mother" for nearly two years because her mother can not take care of her. 

No one that I have talked to has ever heard of such a ruling.

We are in need of a miracle...

I know that God will provide a way... if it is His will for this precious girl to come home with me.

We need a miracle...

Only He can accomplish it... only Him.

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RACHEL said...

wow, wow, wow. my head is spinning. God is in control of the universe, and He loves this beautiful girl. we will be PRAYING for Him to move mightily on her behalf. He numbered her days from the beginning of time... including the number of days she should spend in Uganda. His will will be done! we are praying!