Saturday, March 27, 2010

This Weeks Lessons

First, our hot water heater quit working.  I love hot water.  I take hot water for granted.  Lesson learned: do not take anything for granted.

Second, our internet quit working.  I enjoy surfing the web. I rely on the internet alot.  Lesson learned: Jesus is the only reliable Source.

Third, we got some upsetting news.  I am too far away to help.  I want to control the situation.  Lesson learned:  I am not in control.

Jesus... thank You for this day that is a gift to use wisely and not to take for granted. Thank You that You will never stop working in me.  Thank You for Your faithful guidance. You are in control... and I will trust You.

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emily said...

Friend, some lessons are hard to learn. Standing in gap.......