Monday, March 1, 2010

Hope Renewed

The latest battle concerning Visa issues in Ug*nda has caused me to start believing that it is going to be quite some time before we are able to bring our children home.

I anxiously wait for any word coming from families that are there on the front lines...  I pray.  I wait.  I check blogs.  I pray.  I wait.  I check my inbox.  I pray.  Well... you get the point.  But still... I have doubted that we would be told to come for our children anytime soon.

This morning I received an e-mail from our attorney explaining that the situation is being worked out (which we knew) and that he feels like it "will be clearer" (still vague) by the end of this week.  There is no real reason to get excited about this e-mail. 

But his next sentence was... "I would like you to come..."

Now, before you get too excited, as I did since my daughter was reading it to me while we drove to school... there was a huge "WHEN" right after that statement.

But... I was so FILLED with HOPE because of those words...  "I would like you to come..."

Before she had actually finished reading the sentence and the "when" part (which does not promise a specific time-frame), I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of joy and excitement at the thought of going to get our children.  At that moment I realized... I have not been believing it was actually going to happen for us.

I do truly believe that God is working out the situation and that families are going to be bringing children home very soon.  But for us... personally... I have harbored doubt.

Today, my hope is renewed.  I am praying and believing that it will NOT be awhile... but soon!  Very soon!

Jesus said, "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." Matthew 21:22

Thank you, Jesus, for the promise of Your Word!

Will you pray with me?!  Believing!

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Jim and April said...

BELIEVING my friend! Lets believe!