Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Year Ago

my life was changed forever.

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I first saw the children God hand-picked to join our family.  I love the way He gently spoke to my husband and I, as well as our two daughters, while we sat watching them sing songs during our first visit to Uganda.

As we re-visited the rock quarry last week, it was difficult for me to comprehend our Juliet and Kenneth descending into the deep pit of the quarry, entering into the caves to excavate large boulders that would be turned into smaller rocks.  We have been told numerous times how dangerous the work is... that many people have died there.

As they stood on the edge of what used to be their lives, tattered clothes replaced with new ones, hope and expectation in their hearts... I wondered... What if we had not answered His calling?  What if we would have gone about our comfortable lives and ignored the tugging on our hearts?

As I watched little children play along the treacherous edge of the quarry my Momma's heart was panicked.  How easily they could slide off the side to a certain death.

As voices familiar to our little Sharon called her name in greeting... I was reminded... she once played there.  She once walked the dusty quarry in tattered clothes. Did she break rocks?  Did she take care of the younger children, carry them on her back?  Her own hard work.

I have been asked many times... "Why are you adopting?"... "Why are you adopting THREE!?"... "Why are you adopting from Uganda?"... "Why?"

My honest answer is simply... because God spoke to my heart... and I answered Him.

That doesn't mean that I don't have moments when I think... "What am I thinking!?" "I can't do this!"  But, even in those moments... the answer is His GRACE is sufficient.  He has called us to "care for the least of these"... it may not be easy (as I have been reminded by those who feel it necessary to make me aware of this fact!), but He didn't call us to an easy life.  He has called us to obey... to follow... to trust.

I wonder... Have we as Christians become so comfortable in our worldly lives that we have forgotten what life is really about?  Have we planned our vacations?  Our retirements?  Our children's college funds?  And in the meantime forgotten about the "least of these"?  Have we left the work of caring for the poor up to major organizations?  To rock stars?  To someone else?

Praise God for the work those people and organizations are doing!  But the question is... are we doing OUR part?

Please don't misunderstand me...  I am speaking to myself here!  I still believe there is more that I can do.  The Lord has put a HUGE project on my heart that I have not been able to let go of... but at the same time I am hesitating... waiting.  My prayer is that I will not wait so long that the idea becomes cold and my determination to see it through wains... leaving the work undone.

We as Christ followers have a responsibility to the poor... the orphan... the widow.  We each have a part to do as believers... as the body of Christ.  Our part will not look like someone else's... but each part is necessary for the whole to be successful. 

I am asking myself today... Am I being faithful to my Savior in being His hands and feet here on earth?  Am I doing my part? Or am I living my life to the highest degree of comfort... waiting for His return with my "golden ticket" to heaven?

I pray... Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, to see the world as You see it.  Let my heart be broken by the things that break Your heart.  Give me the ability to do whatever You call me to do faithfully and all for Your glory.

I ask you... Are you doing your part?  Will you join me in prayer to have hearts broken... eyes opened... so that His work is done... His name glorified...

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

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Shauna said...

Love this post! Yes, I will pray .... and do! I also pray that I never stop. I can be so easy to "get comfortable!" Yuck - may I always be uncomfortable!