Sunday, January 17, 2010


Thank you for asking me about our adoption.  It really does mean so much to have you ask and to hear that you are praying for us.  I do appreciate you!

So... although there has been n o t h i n g to report for so long... I am happy to tell you... we have made progress!

While we were in Uganda several weeks ago, we were finally able to get all the necessary information for our lawyer to compile our guardianship "application".  This is a GIANT step! This is the application that we need in order to go before the judge.  Our lawyer is hopeful to have a court date sometime in February. 

I am beyond excited at the possibility that we may FINALLY be able to move forward in the process of bringing our beauties home!  At the same time... I have a certain amount of reservation... since we have been disappointed so many times before.

PLEASE pray with us!  Pray for a February court date.  Pray for favor with the judge.  Pray that things will go smoothly and quickly for us to be able to bring our children home soon.

It's hard to believe it's been a year since we started this process.  It's frustrating to find out that things do NOT need to move as slowly as we were initially led to believe.   It's heartbreaking that so many families still wait... at the mercy of an agency.

Thank you for your loving support of this journey the Lord has us on.  Thank you for your faithful prayers!

We are trusting the One that set all this into motion, trusting Him to bring it to completion in His perfect timing.  Hoping that we are nearing the end of the waiting and stand at the edge of a new beginning!

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Jim and April said...

Hey just found your blog from the penners blog! We are adopting from Uganda also! Look forward to following your story! We are in the homestudy phase!