Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

This year we brought in the new year at the National Celebration in Uganda.

It was a beautiful gathering of believers bringing in the new year with worship and prayer.


and Katherine

danced to "Emmanuel, God With Us" for

an estimated 50 thousand plus worshippers!

Gary shared a word with the audience
reminding them that
"God sees you where you are"
and that "He never leaves us".

Our friend Sharon shared her testimony
of how the Lord healed her husband.

Her testimony was a powerful reminder
that God is still doing miracles today!

She reminded believers that we must pray with faith... truly believing that God will answer our prayers.

At the end of a month long battle with various life threatening issues, the doctors gave her husband, Duane, a ZERO percent chance of survival. They told her she should call in the family to say goodbye to him.

Instead... she called believers to join her at the hospital to lift up Duane in prayer.  She told everyone that came to the hospital that if they were coming to say prayers of goodbye... then they could not go in to see him!  She only wanted faith-filled prayers lifted up for complete healing and restoration for Duane.

Glory to God alone!!
Her husband was healed!

The doctors told her they had NO medical explanation!  No explanation for not only his recovery, but also for the fact that he had no disabilities afterward!

Our God is indeed powerful and good!

Happy 2010!
May God bless you abundantly...
May your faith increase...
and may you experience His unfailing love
like never before!

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