Monday, May 4, 2009

Dancing for Jesus

Our precious girl has just been accepted to join Arrows International Dance Company traveling to Guatemala at the end of this month! We are very excited about this opportunity for her!

She is an amazing young lady. She is a beautiful dancer. Her heart's desire is to minister to the poor and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost. She will do just that with this dance company... that is their mission!
Please pray for her as she prepares to leave at the end of May and will not return until near the end of June. Pray for her heart to be prepared to serve. Pray that her passion for Jesus and His people will increase. Pray for her safety and health. Pray... Pray... PRAY!

Congratulations Katherine! We are soooo proud of you!!
Dance for Jesus, beautiful girl, dance for Jesus!


Maurine said...

WOW That's great!

Annette said...

We are so proud of you too! May God use you in a mighty way for His Kingdom!