Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This Morning

by Cheryl Sargent

I woke up this morning and got out of bed
a list started forming inside of my head

Of all of the things that had to be done
the list was quite long and not very fun.

I got dressed rather quickly and started right in
feeling tired and weary from the list without end

As I started my work of accomplishing tasks
a still small voice stopped me in my tracks.

'Why do you rush to accomplish these things
When you haven't yet spent time with the King?'

'There is so much to do! and not much time
My list is long, it fills every line!'

'How can I sit and read and pray?
There aren't enough hours in just one day.'

My heart stopped still, my eyes filled with tears
As I realized the truth, I trembled with fear

The work never ends, it will always be here
It's my Savior I need, I need Him to be near.

I fell to my knees with guilt and dread
But heard a whisper again in my head

'Come to My throne, I'm waiting for you
I watch over every thing that you do.

Forgiveness is only a prayer away
Come to My throne, sit and stay.'

I sat for some time, quiet and still
Asking and listening, seeking His will

As I layed all my plans at His holy feet
I began to feel strong, refreshed and complete.

I thanked Him for forgiveness He offers for free
I only had to ask for it and by faith believe

My Savior who loves me so much that He died
So that I would be saved and with God reconciled.

Now I may approach the throne of Grace
and meet with my Father face to face.

The tasks are still many, work still to be done
but with Jesus to guide me, I've already won.

I woke up this morning and got out of bed
a list started forming inside of my head

Of all of the reasons I'm thankful and blessed
I spent time with my Savior... and then I got dressed.


Maurine said...

That's really good! I'm truly impressed. Love Mom

Annette said...

Beautiful poem are a multi-talented woman!