Thursday, December 4, 2008


It's that most wonderful time of year... Christmas. The celebration of our beautiful Savior's birth. A time to rejoice in Him.

I find my heart is not in the same place it usually is this time of year...

Normally, I would be asking the children for their wish lists... I would be searching for those gifts that would be special to them... that would make their precious faces light up with excitement. I want to do just that...

But... I find myself not wanting to buy more "stuff"... we don't NEED anything... praise God!

Instead... what if I can purchase something that would benefit someone else? That would give back in some way? Now that! I would love to do!

Christmas is the celebration of His birthday... Shouldn't we give in a way that will bless Him? In a way that will take our eyes off the material "stuff" and help us focus on making whatever we give bring glory to Him.

As I search for gifts for my family... what I want to do more than anything... is to have each one remember Him... it's not about US.

It is all about JESUS.

What better way to convey that message is there... than to give gifts that give hope.

As you search for gifts for loved ones, please check out Suubi. I am blessed by this young couple's desire to do something that will make a difference in people's lives... something that will "spread".

There are so many ways to give, while giving more. Junkposse, Land of a Thousand Hills, the list goes on! There are children to be sponsored through Christian Life Ministries and Katie's kids need sponsors as well.

I am ready... are you ready? To change... to quit the status quo Christmas gift giving frenzy of "stuff"... and to give gifts that will make a difference... for Jesus.

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