Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Out of Order

I like order.

I like my home in order.

My desk in order.

I like organization and schedules and to-do lists.

I like my day in order.

My pantry in order.

I actually don't focus very well until things are in order.

So, I have to say that the gap between the last time I posted in July 2012 and today bothers me.

A lot.

To start posting from today without filling in the gaps since last July seems... out of order.

WAY out of order.

But to try and fill in the gaps seems overwhelming.

Does anyone else struggle with this kind of psychosis? 

I need serious intervention.


1 comment:

jessica said...

(: I so very much relate.

how about we BOTH pick back up, remembering the Lord's got our lives totally in correct order, and can magnify Himself deeply in our weakness. deal?

loving you!