Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hello Bloggy World...

Here's a little rundown of what's been going on since I last checked in...

In March, three hygienists  traveled to Uganda with me to serve the children going to Suubi Primary School.  

They cleaned over 100 children's teeth in 3 1/2 days!  That's a LOT of teeth!

We were blessed by their service and are super excited that they will be returning in March 2013! 

In April, I began preparing a team to serve at Suubi this summer.  Through the process, I learned a lot about cross cultural training, hot and cold climate personalities, effective communication, being a leader and God's perfect timing.

I also went to see a Celtic Women concert.  Pretty awesome.

On April 29th, Juliet, Kenneth and Abigail were baptized at our church.  What a glorious day!  My heart overflows with joy knowing that my children love the Lord and confess Jesus as Savior!

The month of May started off with our Ugandan beauties joining a dance production called "The Orphan's Hope".  It is a 15 minute production being performed in church's and other venues to bring awareness to the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda.  

The last part of May brought busy end of the year school activities. 

We are super proud of Elizabeth for receiving the "Student of the Year" award, as well as Magna Cum Laude on her National Latin Exam.  She's pretty awesome like that.

Katherine finished her first year with the Ingredients Dance Training Program.  It was a wonderful year of growth for her, both spiritually and as a dancer.  

We are proud to announce that she has been invited back to Ingredients as a Company member and will continue using the gift of dance to worship the Lord and to share the Gospel. 

Gary and I kicked off June with a trip to California to celebrate our anniversary.  It was a much needed get-away which included a LOT of down time watching the ocean and waving to passers-by.

As soon as we returned from our get-away, Gary left for Uganda with a group of five people who taught basic first aid to the community, as well as swim lessons to Suubi staff.  It was a blessing to hear the testimonies of many people who overcame their fear of water because of this team.

The ONLY day Gary and I were in Uganda together, with both teams, we had our first Suubi Community Church baptism!  It was pretty awesome!  Sixty people were baptized.  Glory to God!

Middle of June, I arrived in Uganda with a team of 10 people for our first 'Suubi Summer Camp'.  It was amazing!  The children loved it!  I'm pretty sure they're already waiting for next summers camp!

During my stay, I was so encouraged and blessed by the testimony I heard from so many people living in the village that shared that they "no longer live day to day, but now live with hope for their future".  Can I get an AMEN?!

The first of July we were blessed with a visit from our oldest son, Brandon and his lovely wife, Lauren.  They are still such newlyweds!

It was fun to have them hangin out at the house and in the mix that is the 'chaos' of our family.  

Before they headed home, we had a major par-tay to celebrate the 4th! We love a good ol' party.

And now here we are... and it is 'Movie Time' with Husband.

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