Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Stan...

Oh, how thankful I am that we spent Christmas Eve together!  Had I known it would be the last time I would ever see you... what would I have said to you?

I would have said "thank you"...

Thank you for the service you rendered to our country as you served in the Air Force EOD for so many years.  Thank you for risking your life for the sake of securing our freedom. 

Thank you for raising your son to be the hard working, honest, loving, God-fearing man that he is today.  I know how proud you were of him.

Thank you for loving me.  Your tough guy image never fooled me... and you knew it.  And although the words were not spoken, I know you loved me.

Thank you for loving your grand-children.  They will forever remember the times we sat around the dinner table laughing hysterically, until everybody's sides ached and tears rolled down cheeks, from the silly antics of their Papaw.

Some said you were stubborn... I just thought you were fiesty.  I liked it.

You were a remarkable man, Stan.  I am thankful to have known you.  I am thankful that some day... I will see you again.

I love you.  You will be missed... more than words can say.

Your daughter (in-law),

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