Monday, January 31, 2011

Chris Medina on American Idol

Wow... what an inspiration...

Chris Medina, a young man with an inspiring story who displays incredible character.

The 26-year old barista from Illinois appeared on Wednesday's tryout episode of the national singing competition, and brought his girlfriend, Julia Ramos. She was there for a different kind of inspiration: two weeks before they were to marry, Ramos was in a car accident, leaving her with brain damage. Now, Chris Medina is his fiance's caretaker. Julia is still heavily disabled and confined to a wheel chair.

I was struck deeply with something he said, "I was about to make vows just two months before the accident. Through thick and thin, till death do us part, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?"

Character. Commitment. Staying true to your word. That's something our world needs to see. Thanks for showing the world what it looks like Chris.

~courtesy of Tom Davis~

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