Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mixing Up Words

Last week we took our children to a cabin on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. It is a beautiful place! Our cabin was lovely. The deck that overlooked the lake became our favorite spot very quickly.

An added bonus was that there was a hot tub on the deck. The children loved the hot tub. It became our favorite thing to do in the evening after dinner.

Upon reading the rules posted regarding the hot tub, the rule that my youngest had questions about was "Children should exit the hot tub every 5 minutes to avoid becoming overheated".

I explained to my youngest, in simpler terms, that it meant they needed to get out of the water to "cool off their intestines" every 5 minutes or so. She said "Okay! I get it". It became somewhat of a joke for us all.

As we were enjoying our last evening in the hot tub, our son (obeying the "cool off your intestines" rule) got up to sit on the edge. One of his sisters noticing this with the intention of teasing him about "cooling off his intestines" said...

"What are you doing? Cooling off your testicles?"



Jen said...

Oh my gosh....I am cracking up!!!!!!!

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