Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Will You...

pray that God will stir the hearts of His people to care for orphans??

It was such a blessing this past January to visit the "orphan village" Christian Life Ministries has built for the children in Uganda. I love the community they have created.
They have built a village of homes where each home houses twelve children and a "mom". They are a family. They love each other. They are safe. They are happy.
Recently CLM has brought in hundreds of orphans to their village trusting in God to provide sponsors for them. (I love seeing people step out in faith and watching our mighty God provide in a way that only He can!!)The greatest need they face (other than getting sponsors) is buying bunkbeds for these children.

I am in the process of planning a "dessert get together" to raise money for bunkbeds and to raise awareness for the orphans.

a side note: I could really use some creative ideas and a name for this little get together... any suggestions? ;)

You guys know we are in the process of adopting our Ugandan children. I wish I could bring ALL the orphans home. But... since that is not going to happen, I want to support and help CLM do the best job they can do to help these children.

Will you... pray with me?


emily said...

absolutely! Will think about name for said get together.

Annette said...

We are praying!!!

How about "Chocolates for Children" or "Deserving Desserts", or how about "Come To My House And Give Some Money To Some Really Needy Kids And Have A Slice Of Cake"