Sunday, April 19, 2009


Have you ever stood at the edge of an idea... but been unable to move?? Or have you ever had that distinct feeling that the Lord was telling you to move forward in something... but you stood still in some sort of denial about what He was really saying?? Are you there now??

I stood at that edge... I knew the Lord was speaking to my heart about orphans. I wasn't sure if we were supposed to adopt children or sponsor children... or both... but I knew I should be DOING something.

While I was on the "edge"... I started researching... I started seeking information from like-minded individuals. It was a consuming process actually... clicking here, reading this, clicking there, reading some more, trying to find my way through a myriad of information... wanting that audible voice...

My hearts desire is to obey Him. To completely surrender to Him. But my flesh is weak. My brain is busy and distracted. Sometimes it takes me awhile to actually move.

While I was "standing"... I read several books, visited a number of websites and searched and searched the "blog world".

I thought I would share a few resources that the Lord used to speak into my heart. He is SO good that way!!

A few GREAT books to read...
"Red Letters" by Tom Davis
"Crazy Love" by Francis Chan
"The Art of Compassion" by a group of recording artists... the CD is great too.

Visit blogs...
a particular blog that moved my heart is Kisses From Katie, written by a young women who is passionately living her life for Christ.

Also, most of the blogs on my sidebar are written by families that have adopted. And if you click on theirs you will find a whole other list of bloggers who have adopted (or not) on their sidebars!

Visit the websites...
"Invisible Children" and "Children's HopeChest...

there are sooo many more resources...

but PLEASE... if you have a question... ask! Comment on a blog. There are so many wonderful families that would LOVE to answer your questions. If they don't know the answer they will help you find out where to get the answer!

Bloggers have been the most loving, helpful, encouraging, inspiring people I have had the privilege of communicating with... just ASK!

We are commanded to "walk in faith". If you are "standing"... I encourage you to take that first step in faith... He WILL direct your path.

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