Monday, November 14, 2011

Life and Death

Today we celebrate the life of our precious Katherine.

She is our beautiful daughter that has brought joy into our home
since the day she was born.

All her life she has been a happy girl.

Katherine has loved Jesus since she was very young.

Now as a young woman, she has dedicated her life to following Him
in passionate pursuit of what ever He wants her to do
and where ever He wants her to go.

Yes.  is her answer to His call.

We are so very proud of her.

One year ago, today is also the day that my stepDad died.

A loss that is still difficult to believe.

His death left me with the sad realization
that I hadn't said all the things I wanted to say...

and I wonder if he knew just how much he meant to me.

The heart break of losing him was magnified
by watching my mother grieve the loss of her husband...
her very best friend.

My heart aches for her still.

On this day that is so very special...

and so very sad...

I will celebrate life.

Because after death...

there is new life for those that know and love Jesus.

My Dad loved Jesus.

So LIFE everlasting is his.

I wish my precious, beautiful Katherine a very happy Birthday!

and my Dad... I hold on to the hope that promises
I will see him again someday.


Annette said...

Beautiful post friend...a reminder that life is precious.

Girl Delighted said...

My Dad has terminal cancer. We are holding on to every moment. Reading your post is prompting me to pray for you in your pain and cheer in the joy of knowing you will see him again.