Friday, December 4, 2009

A Traffic Lesson

The travel necessary to accomplish the many journeys our family embarks on each day is mind numbing.  My normal "mode of operation" in dealing with large vehicles, that block my view and keep a pace that I am usually in too big of a hurry to appreciate, is...

to get around said visual block and avoid this pacesetter that hinders me from arriving at my destination in the least amount of time possible.

Recently, as I was following a large vehicle along, not able to see around it and actually enjoying the pace it had set, this thought enveloped me...

"This is what it looks like to follow Jesus".

(Stay with me here.)

"This is what it looks like to follow Jesus... and to trust Him completely".

"This is what it looks like..."

(Okay, get past the big dirty truck, and quit trying to read whatever is scribbled in the dirt and hear the message...;)

We need to follow Jesus... closely.

So closely that we cannot see around Him.

We need to keep our eyes on Him. Our attention on Him.

When He slows down, we slow down.
We don't need to see around Him.
We don't have to know what's coming next.
We just need to trust Him.

So faithfully that we don't even try to see around Him.

I realized that...
I shouldn't try and rush around Him to get to a destination in MY timing.  I should patiently and joyfully wait on Him.  I need to remember that He accomplishes things in the time that I sometimes view as wasted.

I need to follow His lead.  I must trust that He will set a pace that is perfect.  I must trust that He will take care of the timing... and that His purpose WILL be accomplished in the exact moment He had planned all along.

Thank you, Jesus, for reminding me that
Your ways are not my ways. 
You have a perfect plan and all I need to do is TRUST in You completely.
To FOLLOW You closely...
without trying to see around You.
To keep my attention on You and to remember that YOU are the way.

Just so you know... I will continue going around any large vehicle that impedes my journey with the same dedication I have always had in getting my children where they need to be on time.

But... I will forever remember this particular traffic lesson while I do so.

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Shauna said...

Love how The Lord teaches us through out the day! Thanks for sharing!