Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's in a Name?

"Following the Leader" came from something I say to my children all the time. It goes like this...

"Why are you in front of me when you don't know where we are going?" as they walk so slowly that I am stepping on them, because... they don't know where to go.

Or they might take off ahead excitedly, and then continuously look back to make sure I am behind them, asking "Are we going in the right direction?!"

I usually reply in a calm and loving way, patiently saying, "You must folloooww whoever knooowwsss where to go!"

My confession...This is such a picture of what I end up doing in my life with my Savior. I too will get in front of Him and try to lead. He is so faithful to lovingly remind me "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me." Mk 8:34 Our prayer is that we will be faithful to follow.

Come back and see us! I'll try to be witty, but... I'm not promising anything. ;~)


Carolyn T said...

I came over to your blog when I got your comment on my mine...YOUR TITLE and the scripture below was a WACK upside my head...WOW that was no coincidence!! Can't wait to see the road your family is on!
ALL for ONE!

jena said...


Thanks for the comment you left on our blog. Who are you working with in Uganda? If you have any questions about our process... it's fresh in our memory! We are happy to share.

Blessings to you!

Annette said...

Welcome FRIEND!!!! I am so excited to post on your blog!!! What a great start! I love your heart...and you know our prayers are with you guys...can't wait to get my arms around my new niece and nephew!!! Love you!

Ellen said...

I like the title! Can't wait to read more about your precious new kids! Mind if I add you to my blog list??

Ellen F.

auntie katie said...

please email me. anything uganda... i'm you're girl!

auntie katie said...

ok. i commented too soon. now i have fully read your profile and short blog life. i wanna be friends!

Hollie said...

Hey girl! I saw your name added to Annette's blogs. WOO glad your blogging! Can't wait to read more about your precious family!

Cheryl said...


Sweet girl! of course you can add me to your list! I would love to add you to mine as well :)